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I saw this movie on TV sometime between the late 80s to early to mid 90s, I think it was in the 90s. I’m pretty sure it was on USA network on the USA up all night show, or maybe that show that had I want to say Joe Bob brigs maybe. I think the whole movie was based in a big city. What I do know for sure is it had monsters in it. The only scenes I remember are there was a monster that got on a subway and he had electricity coming from him. The other scene was a Indian monster, like cowboys and indians Indian, not the country India. The Indian got on a bus and put his arm out the window and someone shut the window on his arm and his arm fell onto the street or sidewalk and it was smoking. An old man was walking his small dog and the dog ran up to the arm and whined and sniffed at the arm or something. I believe then that the old man said let’s get out of her or let’s go, looking all freaked out and stuff. I have no idea what actors were in it. It seemed like it was like a b movie.

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  1. Well I was wrong about certain details. The Indian didn’t get on the bus and the man walking the dog wasn’t an old man, just middle aged. But that’s the right movie. I’ve searched several times throughout the years and searched it every way I knew how. Thanks livinghead, how in the world did you figure out that’s what it was?

    1. Thanks Atch1981. It wasn’t hard to figure out which movie it was, I just read monsters, urban setting, one looked like an Indian, and 1980s and voila! Neon Maniacs! I’ve seen many of these types of films and love them! This breaks my over-a-month long no-solve streak, I was getting sooo bored when there was almost no activity on here through the holidays, so thank you very much!

      1. I’ve searched all of that several times, every time I thought to look it up for however many years I have, yet no real good hits. One time I searched it looked like it could have been nightbreed yet it wasn’t. And I love those types of movies a whole lot also. I miss the days of usa up all night and also monster vision. I figured out that was the one with Joe Bob Briggs. Thanks again, I’m so relieved that I finally found out that it was neon maniacs. You were a great big help. Thanks very much.

  2. I have looked at other people’s questions to try to help them also, yet no luck. I hope I can pay it forward and help someone in return.

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