horror move + husband haunts wife

Ok I have not personally seen this movie but it was being discussed on a youtube video. The poster says they saw it back in the late 90s and it was about a woman whose husband dies and in one scene she sees him by a tree walking towards the house. Later she is at grave with picture of him and he tries to get out of the picture. It ends with her dying. Does anyone know what this could be, because it has got me intrigued?

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  1. It sounds like it could be one of the many, many remakes of Les Diaboliques. Maybe the 1993 TV movie version starring Melissa Gilbert? That version is on YouTube. I don’t remmber if it had the specific scenes you refer to. There are other versions also.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I will put it forward. Although I am not sure it would be Les diaboliques because from the description given, the film in question appears to involve a genuine haunting. There was no mention of a twist ending like in Diaboliques.

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