kids in the forest eating chocolate and turning into wood animals

Hi thanks for helping! trying my luck again

saw this on tv as a kid, year 2000’s. guess it was american but actually no clue if it wasnt. in color. possibly a TV show/ made to TV movie

I watched this movie as a child, only remebering this scene (maybe cus I skip channels cus this scene is pretty damn scary!)
I remember watching a group of kids going into the woods, there is one protagonist and I think a friend of his, but the rest of the kids find a chocolate bar (from a tree??) and starts to eat it. then they transform into forest animals (each a different one- rabbit, fox…) it was really scary as a kid.

the forest was dark. I remember feeling very scared as the scene goes on, as if something is terribly wrong but you dont know what until later on.

pretty sure it was 90’s, cus they were using animal costumes and not computer generated cgi.

I think after this the animals starts a feast?  finding maybe a festival of some sorts? full of forest animals. but cant remember if I mixed up this into with somehting else.

thanks so much for whoever finds this movie! ive been fascinated with this for years but couldnt find anything!
also my twin sister remembers the exact same scene but niether of us managed to find it.


I found the storyteller show – it looks a lot like the feel and art directionqbudget, but i havent found any episode with this storyline.

defenitly not:
“The Witches” (1990)
any classic childern movie. it was dark and realistic fantasy

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