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I only recall parts of this movie as I didn’t catch the start. As per usual, a masked killer is stalker some students. I think he might have seen specifically targeting a sports team. The killer would be seen crossing names off a yearbook/list after each kill. I seem to recall there were a load of twists at the end which were something along the lines of the killer/s were revealed but it turned out they were only responsible for some of the murders. So then the main killer is apparently revealed and arrested/killed. But at the very end of the film it shows the mystery killer in his room with the yearbook cue credits . I can’t remember for the life of me what this was called. For some reason I think it may have had a long title,

Horror movie

I can’t remember the exact set up of this scene but it had a man who I think had water  dripped on him which he was either trying to rub off or drink but he did it in such a frenzy that he ends up tearing his skin off and killing himself.  I though it might have been one of the saw or cube movies?

90s thriller?

I think this may have been an early 90s movie. I haven’t seen it all the way through.  All I recall was that the killer wrote the words “who killed cock robin?” at the crime scene.  I don’t recall if multiple killings occurred or whether it was just one.

Imaginary friends/ghost TV episode

I believe this may have been one of those haunted house documentary / reconstruction type programs.  There was a young girl who was often talking to what her parents believed to be her imaginary friends although she insisted they were real.  At one point the mother is alone in the house for the day and hears noises and later tells the husband she is starting to believe the daughter.  Later when the girl is bed she turns around and we see a man and woman staring down at her and she freaks out screaming “go away”.  Thank you.