Help me find a movie title. Sentimental love comedy, shot in the 50-60s?

American businessman millionaire owner of a villa somewhere in Italy is married with a local Italian, both are busy, career, so they spend together only one month a year in September / October? at the same villa. And after another quarrel, they come to the villa and find that their butler has organized a hotel at their home, a local landmark very popular with wealthy american tourists, advertisements on matchboxes – “the hotel la dolce vita (vista?) Is closed in September (?) “- a phrase from a movie. The butler persuades the owners to play along with him and they live this month in a villa with a dozen other guests. Again they fall in love with each other, against their background, young couples also start relationships, disagreements, reconcile. In the end, again,  the husband leaves the wife, she catches up with him at the station, grabs a passing stranger child, calls the carabinieri and takes him off the train: “oh no, he is going to leave us and the baby — madam, do not interfere with boarding … – how is it possible, damn American. ..- why is he also a foreigner (American?)” – a phrase from the film. The actors are famous for that time. It seemed to me that the main character was played by Gregory Peck, but I can’t find a similar picture in his filmography, plus the main character looked a little “muzzles” (wider face). The wife is very, very similar to Sophia Loren, but I also don’t find this movie with her, the butler also has familiar face but I don’t remember his name. The movie was shot after the 2WW, the film plays out a comic story with a fictional concussion of the main character from the war. In my opinion, the movie was shot in the 50-60s of the twentieth century in English in Italy (landscape scenes for sure)

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