American horror film 1980…1990s years.

American horror film 1980…1990s years.
I remember only some scenes.
The little girl (I will call her The Girl) has to be a wife of deamon. She is living with her father or uncle
(I will call him Uncle). And he knows about The Girl.
Seven boys are in psychiatric clinic like in a prison. They are The Girl’s bridegrooms.
Upon a time The Girl started her period. Seven boys kill their guard and escape.
Uncle knows about it and tries to hide the Girl.
But one bridegroom kidnapped The Girl for marry her.
I remember the scene.
Bridegroom and bride (The Girl) on a garbage dump and bride has a very long white bridal veil
of polyethylene.
But Uncle can stop this wedding.

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  1. These are my permanently mistakes. I think the film is French, but the film is American, I think another film is American, but that film is Dutch.
    Thank so much.
    This is it.

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