horror film 1980…1990s years.

Horror film 1980…1990s. I think American.
The part of plot.
The Deamon (or Devil)drives to the specil place for meet The Tsar of Devils.
I remember some scenes.
Scene One.
The Demon drives the car. A Woman gets in his car. She takes care of her hairstyle
asks him over and over of her hairstyle. At some point The Demon take the scalp of her and
brought it to her eyes fnd said: Look it yourself!

Scene Two.
The Demon turned the Sculptor into abstract sculture. The sculpture cries at the exhibition.
And the tears rolls from its eyes.

Scene Three.
The Demon and The Man passed thru the mirror. Then The Demon came back and told to The Man: You shoud know
which side are you on. Then The Demon broke the mirror.

Scene Four. (perhaps from another film)
The Chief of Devils as goat of light is getting out from well but cannot do it.

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