Attention, some of you. For months since last year, I have constantly asked about a few My Wife and Kids episode names (2 to be precise) and guess what? No answers so far. Why? I dunno.

To be honest, I was left broken-hearted and very disappointed. I would’ve imagined a comedy series like that was so funny and popular that some of you might have actually made an effort to try for me or actually knew by heart, but no.

So, this month, I was forced to watch all the way from Season 1 until Season 3 and now, I was finally able to find and learn the names of the specific episodes I wanted.

In other words, all those posts I kept on posting and asking concerning My Wife and Kids episode names are solved by me. So, they can all be marked as “Solved!” now at last.

8 thoughts on “Heads-up

  1. Thanks for letting us know. The reason no one answered your question is simply that no one knew the answer. The show is not that well-known.

    1. I can’t. I’m busy as is these days. If you want, watch the movie you suggested, and see if what I described is included in the said movie.

          1. You asked a question elsewhere, someone tried to help you, and you told them you were too busy to check out their answer. But in your post you write things like “I was left broken-hearted and very disappointed… some of you might have actually made an effort to try for me…” It sounds like a young person’s attitude to me.

        1. Too busy because I have work both at my working place and at home, so, I don’t always have time to check stuff.

          Plus, I was asked to check, as in watch a movie to see if it best matches my description but because I don’t have time and I’m busy always, I asked someone to help do it for me instead.

          As for what I wrote about being broken-hearted and stuff, I’m an adult but unlike some people, I’m a very low-degree autistic and a bit sensitive too. It’s in my nature to be like that sometimes.

          1. I do think you may have mentioned autism before. Some people on the autistic spectrum have trouble with communicating in social situations (even on the Internet). But you can learn better people skills.

            My advice to you is always thank someone if they attempt to help you, even if it is not exactly what you wanted. In this case you could say something like, “Thank you for the tip, I will confirm it when I can.”

            Also try to keep in mind that, just like you, everyone else is busy with their own lives, jobs, families, and hobbies. People will tell you the answer if they know it, or sometimes try to make a helpful guess if they don’t, but no one is going to want to do your research for you, and you shouldn’t expect that.

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