Please help identify this movie

Please help identify this movie. The couple moves to a house on the island to live in a quiet environment, but in the attic they find a portrait of a woman who resembles the heroine in features. They begin to find letters and things of the woman in the portrait and conduct an investigation, and it turns out that she did not leave this house, but was buried, either she discovered paranormal abilities or began to practice witchcraft. As a result, they found a crypt / basement where her body was, but opening it freed her spirit and she moved into the heroine, who paralyzed the chela who was with her and wounded his hand with scissors, leaving him to bleed.

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  1. Could it possibly be “The House That Would not Die?” I remember the woman being possessed, a séance, and the discovery of her body in the basement.

    If that’s not it, could you leave some more information about it, maybe a range of years that it might have been made in?

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