“He didn’t say you witch, he said you B****!!”

okay i have asked so many people i feel like i dreamed it up, will anyone recognize this movie? i saw it when i was super young in the 90s… but this is what i remember.
Theres a woman in maybe black lingerie trying to seduce a man or turn him to her side. i assume he knew she was evil or a bad person idk cuz my most vivid part of my memory is them being near or on a bed, then the wall is blown apart or a door and a pig man comes out. he says something that sounds like you bitch and maybe he dies? unclear. but the memory ends with the actor yelling at the woman, “he didnt say you bitch, he said you witch!” which in my mind, frames it as the pigman is her henchman or something and she is in fact a witch.

This isnt a cartoon and I may be trying to rent a dream akin to the Stephen Wright story about going to Blockbuster and describing a black & white movie on colored film about how the USA built submarines except they wouldnt go under the water because they’re made of styrofoam. Only to realize I’m not describing a movie I’m describing a dream I had. Then the clerk tells me it was a dream I had and I ask how he knows that, he tells me because I was in here trying to rent the same thing last week.
So, any assistance from you great people would be appreciated. I need to put this memory to rest.

Reddit sent me here so I copied my post. Hope it at least makes you chuckle and I really hope we can end this once and for all!

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