Guy in a red track suit fights ghosts in a castle

I remember a guy in a red track suit fighting ethereal creatures (ghosts?) and possibly evading boobytraps inside what I think was an English estate or castle. Eventually he makes his way out of the castle and there is a shot of him walking away across the lawn. I think the castle blows up or collapses behind him.

Also — this may be a different movie! — I remember a scene in a house with a jeweled key that gets stuck up in the exhaust pipe of a wood stove. One of the characters has to reach his arm up in to the stove to get it.

Years later, when I was about 10, I was running through my friend’s house and I randomly saw the scene of the red track suit guy walking out across the lawn on the TV, so I know at least that memory is real!

I was born in 1978 and I believe my parents took me along to the theater to see this movie in Columbus, Ohio, USA as a very young child, probably before 1982 since I clearly remember seeing “The Dark Crystal” in the theater (and loving it).

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