Martian woman/man in a room full of balloons

Okay, I’ve seen one scene of this movie, on a Facebook wall about a year or so ago.  I think it is a sixties or seventies very soft-core porn or exploitation film, and it is so bizarre I’m dying to see the rest.  A blonde woman (a Martian woman, specifically, though I don’t remember how this is established) and a man are in a room full of balloons.  They struggle through the balloons to see each other.  The man clearly has a balloon fetish, and asks her something to the effect of, “Don’t you find them stimulating?” while squeezing them.  She says “No,” matter-of-factly, and he seems disappointed.  They share a few bits of dialogue, and she finally says something like, “What is pleasure?”  He looks thrilled and says, “Pleasure?  Oh-ho, pleasure is my AIM!”  End scene.  Please tell me what the heck this is from.  Every Google search has been fruitless.

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