Ok lets see if I got this. There is an asian teenager dude that goes to an english school for fencing. He beats the popular dude in a duel so the popular guy’s friends jump the asian dude after school. Somehow the teen dude gets knocked out when he does he goes back in time he meets this monk and a swordsman named green suit they are trying to rescue a princess the teen guy gets hurt by this demon thing and the monk has to give him a chi transfusion once he gets it he’s like an instant badass in all white I saw it when I was like 12 back in 02. But it looked older than that. It was in color  and it was in english. Please tell me you know the name of this movie.

2 thoughts on “Greensuit

  1. It definitely sounds like “Zu, Warriors from the Magic Mountain”. The English dubbed international version has the Asian fencing student going back in time after being attacked by the bullies. Here is a trailer.

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