goat monster in the closet

Sometime around 2002-2005 I was at a hotel in Colorado watching TV with my young kids. I had just put the tv on and iwhatever we were watching  turned out to be the weirdest show (possibly short film) I’ve ever seen. All three of us remember watching it and it was scary for my kids. The film was from the point of view of a dog and the camera was filming it as if it was what the dog was seeing and you could hear the dogs thoughts. The dog was super anxious and scared about a “Goat Monster” that was in one of the closets in the house and it was all about this goat monster and how he was obsessed with it. I think it turned out to be a hat or a mask up on the shelf in the closet but I believe there was something that sort of came out of the closet. It was so weird and I’d really like to know what that was.

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