Eaten alive by ants in the forest

Sometimes in the mid-2000’s I was watching a movie or show on TV. It seemed like a modern movie, color, and was in English. I don’t remember any graininess so I think the movie was newer at the time.

It may have been a medieval-themed movie, because I think I recall outfits looking simplistic and almost peasant like. I believe some women had head coverings.

I believe I remember two scenes, and both of them made me feel ill. The one in question was of one (or two?) people being led to a lush forest, tied down and I think covered with honey. The goal was to attract ants and I don’t recall if it shows on scene, but I think you end up seeing their gory remains after being eaten by ants or possibly other insects.

Take this next scene with a grain of salt because I’m not 100% it was in the same film, but I believe there was another scene where a young man was lying under blankets and complaining about boredom or something. An older lady he was speaking with sat next to him and “helped” him by reaching under the blanket and stimulating him. I think I was repulsed because she might have been his mother or otherwise related to him.

I remember I had the flu and both of those things made it 10x worse the next day after they haunted my dreams.

4 thoughts on “Eaten alive by ants in the forest

    1. I just watched the suggested movie and despite some similar themes, Green Inferno is too different from memory. I remember the person being tied to the ground and in a deep forest, where it was almost dark. I’m pretty sure when it showed the victim again they were dead or mostly eaten.

      I believe all of the characters shared the same theme of the movie, unlike here where it’s a group of outsiders visiting a jungle.

    1. Thanks for the response. I panned through this movie just to be sure, but it’s not it. I don’t think the central theme of the movie was killer ants, so that should rule out quite a few films.

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