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Criminals Kidnap Woman from a Shower

Hi everyone!

This is a movie I saw at the theater in the late 70’s, approximately 1976-1979. It was in color. Genre: thriller, action. crime. Maybe drama. Unfortunately, I only remember the beginning.

A group of criminals sneaks into a house. All of them are dressed in dark clothing and probably have the balaclavas on. They move discretely from room to room. In one of the rooms they see a young girl lying on the floor reading a magazine (or a book). For some reason she doesn’t notice the burglars. They watch her for some time and then move on. They sneak into the bathroom, where a woman is taking a shower. They grab and kidnap her.

The rest of the film is a story of her father (or husband) trying to save her from these kidnappers.

That is all, unfortunately. Any help is appreciated!

Giant Foot, Gigantic Flower, Telephone Kill, Fu Manchu (?)

Hi everyone!

This is a movie I’ve been desperately trying to find for years. I saw it on TV in the early 80s, however, it seems like the movie could be very well from the 60-70s era. As far as I recall it revolves around some evil mastermind, not unlike Fu Manchu. Maybe it was one of the Fu Manchu movies!

So here is this Evil Man and probably some policeman who’s trying to hunt him down. It seems like the events take place during the Victorian era, at the end of XIX century or at the very beginning of the XXth.

There is this scene at the beginning: a boat is sailing by the river (or some sort of a canal) and on the bank we see some remains of giant statues, especially a giant foot. This scene is really captivating and the water is filmed remarkably, almost the same way it’s done in ‘Ivan’s Childhood’ by Tarkovsky.

Also there is some gigantic flower (or plant) in this movie – it looks like a giant Flytrap. Maybe it was flesh-eating, however, I don’t remember it playing a significant role in the movie. At the very end one of the heroes makes several shots from a pistol at this flower and some kind of colored smoke goes from the holes.

Also at the beginning of the movie there is this weird scene when some bald picks up a phone (it’s an old model from the early XXth century, a candlestick phone, or more precisely a wall telephone with a hand-cranked magneto generator), puts an ear piece to his ear and his head is immediately pierced by a metal rod that comes out of the ear piece.

That is all, unfortunately. Any help is highly appreciated!

Pancake (Tortilla) on the Ceiling, Western, Black and White

Hi everyone!

I remember watching this movie at a theater somewhat around 1976-79. Most likely it was in black and white and of a Western genre.

The plot is not that different from the well known “Curly Sue”, “Alice in the Cities” or even “True Grit” and revolves around a journey of a middle-aged man and a little girl through the Wild West. I remember this man as a corpulent black-bearded cowboy taking care of a girl who was either his daughter or some orphaned child.

All I recall is just this one scene: The man and the girl are making pancakes (or tortillas), and the man is showing the girl some sort of a trick – he throws the pancake up into the air, then catches it, then throws and catches it again. At some point, he throws the pancake and it disappears. Then both man and girl lift their eyes and see that the pancake is stuck to the ceiling.

Several years ago, I’ve been told that this film is, perhaps, “The Paper Moon” by “Peter Bogdanovich… However, I rewatched it a few years back and never saw such a scene.

Any help on identificating this movie is highly appreciated!

Metallic Plates, Alien Artifact(?), Fight on the Beach

The genre is sci-fi, action, adventure (but not that much of sci-fi actually). This movie was on TV in the early 80s, so most likely it’s from the 70s. It was a very simple, moderate budget movie without any special effects. It was in color, I think.

A young man comes to a provincial seashore town having in his possession a piece of a metallic plate, decorated with strange symbols. As far as I recall they look like Phoenician alphabet. However, this is just a small piece of a bigger artifact, so this guy is looking for the rest of it. I really do not know why he comes to this particular town, most likely he has info that another piece is located somewhere around the area.

Also there are other people looking for the same artifacts and they are in a competition. The movie is pivoting around this search and confrontation between the groups. So it’s mostly an action movie.

I remember this scene at the very end of the film, this is how the movie ends. The protagonist and his opponent are fighting on the beach, the hero overcomes his enemy and a wave carries out the pieces of the artifact into the sea. The protagonist is walking sadly along the shore and suddenly finds both pieces thrown ashore by the wave. So he takes these two pieces and moves to some different location continuing his search. The end has this feel of the Incredible Hulk TV series.

I remember asking my father about these metallic plates and their meaning. He said something like: These were parts of an artifact left by extraterrestrials who visited Earth in ancient times, the text on the plates revealed the date of their return.

However, I’m not sure whether he was joking or not.

Children, Gnomes, Snake People (Animation)

Here is a question on the animated TV-series aired on Saturdays in the early 80s. I’m sure these cartoons were aired before the summer of 1983, thus the release date could be no later then 1983. I’ve attempted to find these on Saturday Morning TV Schedules of the 80s, but no luck whatsoever. Thought it might be ‘The Littles’, but the description and the outlines do not match. Also, ‘The Littles’ were released a little bit later.

The plot is somewhat the following:

A family moves into a new country house and at some point children discover that certain tiny little people (resembling elves or gnomes) are living next to them in the garden (or perhaps under the house). As I recall, each episode was a single story, however there was this general intrigue with some ‘snake people’ being mentioned repeatedly. The ‘gnomes’ believed ‘snake people’ to be their main frightful enemies.

At the end of the series (or the first season) children and ‘gnomes’ explore a network of underground caves, resembling the snakes’ opened mouths, and discover an old comic book about snake people. So it turns out that no snake people exist.