friendship between teenage schoolgirl and older man

Hi, hope you can help. I watched this film in Finland in 1999 – it definitely wasn’t a Finnish film, although there was plenty of snow (Canada?) A teenage schoolgirl (13 or 14) and a man in his twenties slowly become friends, beginning with chance encounters at a lake where she goes ice skating. Ever so gradually they realise they’re falling in love, whereupon the man realises that they can’t continue with their friendship or see one another again. That’s pretty much it. It wasn’t creepy or sordid, rather it was one of those ‘if-only’ situations – if only the young woman had been 10 years older. I had it in my mind that John Cusack starred but I think it must have been someone boyish-looking like him. It’s possible that this was was a made-for-TV film. Thank you.

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