Boy and girl kissing on a hill in the woods (historical fiction?)

I have a memory of a movie scene from my childhood (born 2001) but cannot recall the movie. I know for sure a boy and girl are in the woods and in danger or something. Either a cop or person who could be dangerous finds them, so in order to come off as a couple who snuck away into the woods, the boy grabs the girl and pulls her to the ground to pretend as if they were kissing. I remember they were on a steep hill part of the woods and there were a lot of colorful leaves on the ground.

I am thinking it could be historical fiction because if it was WWII or something and the boy and girl were escaping/running from Nazis, this situation would make sense. I remember oddly that the boy was white, but this is really all. Pretty sure, also, this scene is pivotal in the chemistry between the characters because I believe they were just friends prior to this moment. Please help me out!

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