Film on alien abduction/interbreeding with humans



This is a film I saw incidentally about two years ago on the British “Horror Channel”.

IIRC Darren McGavin played the role of a psychiatrist whose patient tells him about her abduction during a hypnosis session. At first he`s sceptical, but in the course of the film his opinion changes to a degree where he shocks his colleagues by saying the abduction phenomenon is real.

From the looks of it, this film was produced during the 70s or early 80s.


Thanks in advance for your help!



6 thoughts on “Film on alien abduction/interbreeding with humans

  1. Thanks for your help, but that wasn`t the one I saw. The film ends with the aliens showing
    the abducted hybrid child to her mother before she has to let go of the child forever.
    Any more ideas?



      1. Hey Colin,

        That`s the one I was looking for. Thanks again for your effort!



  2. I think you may have the movies mixed up. Darren McGavin is in the movie where he hides the family away in his home because there are MIB’s following them. That is the one I am looking for. There is another movie called ‘Intruders’ and I believe that is the one you are thinking of…where the guy (not Darren but looks similar) id the doctor that is treating a patient claiming to be an abductee.

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