Evil legacy hunter wants to get inheritance from recently orphaned children

Film Production Date: Probably before 2012
Film is in: Color
Setting: A bit dark, a bit fantasy like. Time: pre-Internet
Actors: VERY MAYBE Johnny Depp and two children as main characters.

The main characters are two children, who probably recently lost
their mother or other legal guardian. The third character is an
evil man, maybe an uncle or a “friend” of the decedent parent, who
tries to get something from the kids, maybe he’s a legacy hunter.

Scenes I remember:

  • The evil man shows the kids a handwritten note (maybe a
    testament) which he claims was written by the kids’ mother/legal guardian. The kids, however, notice the terrible grammar of the
    note and remark that their mother/legal guardian was very fussy
    about correct grammar and would never have written that way.
  • The old house the kids live in, which is built near a cliff,
    disintegrates (in a storm?), and the kids are in danger of falling
    of the cliff.
  • It seems that the evil man needs a signature for some document,
    so he tries to trick the kids into signing it. I think it’s
    a marriage contract of some kind (wtf?) which somehow enables
    the evil guy to get what he wants.The trick is like this: The kids (or are there other kids involved?
    I cannot remember …) perform a play on stage and during that
    play, they sign something, not knowing that it is the important
    document the evil guy needs signed.

Any help appreciated!

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