European (french) film, 3 kids run away.

I watched this film when I was a kid, it was in color and they did use an old flip mobile phone so late 90s, early 2000s I guess.
From what I can remember the film is about these are 3 kids who decide to trick their parents by each saying that they are having a sleep over at the other’s house in order to go on an adventure of some kind (if I am not mistaken to find a parent). 2 boys and 1 girl, the main character (a boy) is in love with the girl but his friend is also into her.
I do remember a scene at the train station where they are trying to buy tickets and struggling since they are minors. another scene I remember or rather another character is a woman they meet that helps them out and even helps them trick their parents by pretending to be a mother of the other kid.
I think it’s a french film (or maybe a french speaking film).

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