Deformed child saves little boy from killer

I don’t remember much other than this was a trailer for a movie. I remember there was a little boy hiding in a car in the woods. If I remember right this boy was kidnapped and was going to be killed by an adult or two. This girl about the boy’s age comes along and kills them and proceeds to eat them. The little girl’s face didn’t look quite right, like it was a bit deformed or monstrous. She approaches the little boy and they talk and she promises to protect him.

When did I see it:
I’m not entirely sure. It could have been a year or two ago? I think it may have been a little longer, though.

Where did I see it:
I found the trailer on YouTube.


Thank you for any help at all!

6 thoughts on “Deformed child saves little boy from killer

      1. Yes to Pori, I mean. This EXACTLY what I was looking for.

        And SecularSurfer, that isn’t it but that was an interesting movie all the same. Thank you for your help, too! ^-^

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