best friends, love.

hello, i cant remember this movies name. i have searched as much as i could. but not a single search brought up the right movie.

this movie i am talking about is about a man who comes home from across the country and visits his mother for her birthday i believe. a girl next door comes and visit, turns out to be one of his childhood friend and crush. he used to be in love with her and still is. he never confessed it to her although he wrote a letter to her (it is recited that he did in the beginning and we see the process at some point in the film) their senior year but he never sent it but instead left it hidden in his year book or a book of some kind.

then years later when he comes home. he and her plans out his mothers 50th birthday i believe and both falls in love (again for him, and for her its recognizing she is in love with him). but both doesnt realize btoth love eachother . she tells her bestfriend. who works in a flower shop about it. later on in one of the ending scene, she dissappears after the photo projection she made his mom finished. (which had photos they both took together) he finds her at their old high school football field in one of the stadium after he findsout/realizes she loves him and shows her the letter. While she reads the letter, HE recites the letter from memory with out batting an eye at the letter.

(a small portion shows that the man’s bestfriend used his letter of love confession as a cheat sheet for a card to give to the girl’s best friend trying to swoon her and the guy finds out and gets mad about it but in the end forgives him for it. all 4 of them knew eachother in high school on personal and not personal level. )

HELP i just CANNOT remember the actors name or the film name at all and i just cant forget it until i find out the dang name.


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