Possible horror movie

Possible recent horror movie. 2018? Wounded soldier, deserter, finds a house with just women in the middle of nowhere and starts seducing them all… I cant remember the actors either…

13 thoughts on “Possible horror movie

  1. There was a new version of The Beguiled in 2017. It starred Nicole Kidman. The old version with Clint Eastwood is probably better. I mean, really, is everything going to get remade?

    1. Agreed! The Clint version is way better (but I’m biased, I’m a huge fan of Clint *LOL* 😉

      (I don’t get all the remakes these days myself, most of them just aren’t that good and didn’t need to be made)

      1. I only knew about the new one because I think I saw the trailer. I have no desire to see it though. I don’t see how it could be any better than the ’71 original. Everyone probably screams and shouts really loudly, like in the Cape Fear remake.

  2. This needs to be marked solved. Who gets credit? I think Will and I should both get it. Thank you MrJaysHarley for responding.

    1. I am not registered for credits so you get it. I didn’t know there was a remake. I assumed there wasn’t because the original was not a big commercial success. But they seem to make remakes these days of everything.

      1. I agree. The original was one of Clint Eastwood’s strangest movies, almost a horror film like the OP said, but yeah, enough with the remakes already!

  3. This is totally solved! Will was the first to message back, and Livinghead actually got the one I knew about. I think both should receive credit for it. Y’all rock!

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