croth monster

There was this movie that a friend of mine had me watch with him when I was about six years old (1989 in my case) little did I know that this was a horror movie. The movie was on color and in English. All I can remember of it was it involved a guy who invented some kind of machine that he gets sucked into and some type of fat black slugs take his place. Aleast one possesses another person and one possesses a poster of a beautiful lady and they had some type of powers to change things. When doing so they made this sound that as best as I can describe it sounded like a rattle snake rattling its tail. Anyway the one part of the movie that left a permanent imprint in my memory was there was a part in the movie where this couple seek into a room to “get it on” the rattling sound then started and it shows the guy on the bed get a bulge in his pants. The lady clearly excited proceeds to open his pants and its revieled that his crotch was turned into some type of monster that then killed him.  It was probably the most frightening moment I ever witnessed.

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