Conartist movie

I saw this movie a few years ago. It’s a movie about this conartist that comes across this lady and she asks him to teach her how to do cons. They do a few together. I think he even teaches her to steel from peoples pockets and bags. But I’m not entirely sure. Then she asks him to teach her how to do a long con. He starts to and then kicks her to the curb. She tries to continue on her own, I think. In the end she was still part of the long con, but didn’t know it. The guy wins the bet, the con, by picking a random players number. The guy who picked the number had been subconsciously hearing the number all day. A Spanish, I beleave, song had been playing too when he was asked to pick a players number. I think I also remember a horse racetrack scene too somewhere in the movie.

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