Hi, I know this is solely for movies. I vividly remember a commercial from either the 1960’s or 1970’s, a man was med by prison guards to a door. One guard opened the door but there were no steps or a staircase. They threw the prisoner out and closed the door as he stood on the ledge. The prisoner put his hands up to his nose so as not to smell the pollution. I can’t find this on any Google search. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Commercial

  1. a man was ???med??? by prison guards to a door. what is this word? i might be having a brunette moment too? thanks

    1. thank ya my man for the reply, guess it was the ocd in me? coulda meant like medical or something…im like..what 😛 but i have been looking for it, 20 years before i was hatched, but this will not stop me! 😛 ok, well imma shut up and get back to the hunt, have a blessed day my friend 🙂

  2. and im so good, i was suppose to put this with my last message..but im thinking maybe like colonge/commercial or something will fix this dilemma? ok take care

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