Contemporary film with a plot similar to Jane Eyre

A friend of mine is trying to find a movie they saw approximately 10 years ago.

The following is all the information they remember:

Film is in English, color, thriller, likely from the late 90s/early 2000’s

She watched it on TV, not in the theater, but isn’t sure if it was made for TV.

The film is about a nanny who takes on the child of a widower.

Throughout the film, the nanny sees a ghost woman (or what she thinks is a ghost woman) in the house, but in the end it’s revealed that the wife/mother is still alive and the husband has been keeping her trapped.

I told her it sounds like Jane Eyre, but she said it’s definitely not a period piece. I did some googling to try to find modern adaptations of Jane Eyre, and have come up empty handed. Hopefully someone here will be able to help. I think I might be more curious than she is at this point, lol

2 thoughts on “Contemporary film with a plot similar to Jane Eyre

  1. This makes me think of “Voice from the Stone.” The mother isn’t physically alive, but she manifests and eventually takes over the nanny.

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