possible horror movie? with strange creatures?

I watched this film when I was little, I had walked into my sister’s friends room where they were about to watch it and they had warned me that it was a ‘scary film’ but I persisted so they started the movie. I quickly realized my mistake though and snuck out when it became too much for me to handle. the movie was in color, in English, and I watched it sometime in the 2000s, though the movie itself could not have been released earlier than the 1980s. I cannot remember the exact plot, but I do remember that there were creatures (probably aliens but I could be wrong) and two scenes:

  • there was a little boy hiding from this creature in his room. he might have been holding a stuffed toy but I could be mistaken on that fact. he crawled underneath his bed and tried to stay silent. He began to think the thing had left him alone, but the creature suddenly grabbed hold of his leg. I’m pretty sure it was a tentacle.
  • this character slowly looked through a window to find something outside. now this is where my memory becomes hazy but it was dark outside of the house and a girl character was visible on the ground. the girl was either A. half buried with her arms and legs sticking out or B. cut up with her limbs around her torso. either way, she was definitely squirming.

please help me find this movie, I have been looking for it for ages and have spent the last two days searching tirelessly. my younger self needs closure.

2 thoughts on “possible horror movie? with strange creatures?

  1. No such thing! Key elements are: the strike team (should I say Spetznatz?) in a very dangerous location (I should say Earth??); doomed to wait for rescue only for half of them (lack of breath clean air?); they draw lots and further fight (I should say with respect) each other to death of half of them

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