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I have two Christmas Movies to ask about: First One: An elf came to earth and a lady was in charge of him, he keeps on saying he’s Santa’s son,  so I guess they think that he’s mad,anyway the lady does not celebrate Christmas anymore for some reason,so he puts up Christmas lights in and outside the house and the lady liked it, there’s a scene in the movie where he throws Christmas/Majic Dust (some glittery, sparkly things) on a group of policemen and they fell asleep, He wore a shorts with braces that’s bigger than him( not his size) there’s also another elf with him thats short like a leprechaun and they gave gifts to people.                                                                           Second One: There’s a group of persons that has a warehouse full of letters with people wishes, there’s a scene in it with a housekeeper of a hotel who wished she had the day off to spend with her children, so they did her job at the hotel for her and put chocolates on the bed, so she could have time to spend with her children. [SOLVED: Dear God]

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    1. Alex: It’s not elf ,but the one I described has two elves in it, a tall one and a small which looks like a dwarf, Thanks for trying, the tall one clothes is not his size.

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