Gaslighting widow until she confesses to murder

In the late 1950’s up to the late 1960’s (I think it was black and white, so I’m leaning to the earlier date), I saw a movie where the widow comes home to the huge mansion where she lived with her husband, only to find that all the servants, lawyers, etc., are claiming he’s still alive. I think they had a man pretending to be the husband. All through the movie, you feel so upset that she’s being tormented this way, gaslighted I’d call it, until, at the end, she’s so overwrought that she finally screams out that she knows her husband really is dead, because she killed him. That was the whole point of the setup—to get her to confess. It was a great twist, because you were on her side right until the denouement.

3 thoughts on “Gaslighting widow until she confesses to murder

  1. I’m real familiar with this plot because they did versions of it several times, twice with a gender switch.

    You are probably thinking of Chase a Crooked Shadow, although it is her brother, not her husband. When I saw it as a kid I thought it was her husband, also.

    Another possibility is the TV movie Honeymoon with a Stranger.

    1. YES!!!!!! As soon as you wrote Chase A Crooked Shadow, I knew that title was familiar, and you’re right, the plot is exactly what I was talking about! I did mix up brother/husband in my memory of it. THANK YOU! I’ve tried several sites over the years, and no one has ever come up with an answer—I’m finally out of my misery!

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