Choking on an Engagement Ring?

I’m at work and I’m trying to be a productive human, but I have this scene from a movie stuck in my head, and I can’t for the life of me remember what movie it’s from:

I very distinctly remember a proposal scene where a guy puts an engagement ring in some kind of dessert at a restaurant, perhaps a creme brûlée or a pudding, and his girlfriend accidentally eats it and almost chokes on it. I’m pretty sure she ends up spitting it out on the table afterward. Does anyone remember what this is from? Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Choking on an Engagement Ring?

  1. There’s a scene in a Woody Allen film called “Everyone Says I Love You” matching this description. The young woman (I believe it was Drew Barrymore) swallows the ring and they have to go to the hospital. It’s also a musical –with lots of actors who can’t really sing! The woman isn’t ready for marriage and goes off to sow some wild oats, eventually returning to the guy who proposed to her. At the end of the movie he pulls the same stunt and they wind up in the hospital again.

  2. It was “That old feeling” with Bette Midler. Her daughter, Molly, chokes on her engagement ring in the opening scene of the movie. The waiter had to give her the Heimlich and she spits it across the table on her fiance’ s face.

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