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Help me to find!!!!!!


Film that I’m finding i saw  in my childhood so it  is just about (2004-2009).

All I remember about it some kind of pictures:

first : little boy broke his glasses . The next: he (or she) have a big collection of glass toys and when this person die somebody broke all of this with kind of bat, and then somebody do from this glass pieces the new glass toy(maybe it was deer). And also I remember train in this film

Scene: Mother-assisted Suicide

An older woman brings a big metal bowl to her grown son seated with back to camera. The bowl is to catch the blood when he slits his wrists. Her assistance is all very matter of fact. Scene cut to close up of trash bag set tidily out on the street for pickup which presumably contains his body.

This would have been late 60s or early 70s. I think it was in B&W (but can’t swear to it) and was before cable tv so networks or an indy station in NC. Could have been from a movie or TV episode.

Any ideas?

A movie about twins~one good one evil.

I saw this movie when I was a child. I am almost certain it was in the eighties or early nineties. This was a TV movie. It was in color. A twin girl was angelic. She lived with nuns at a nunnery. I remember a scene where she heals a dead bird. Her twin brother was evil. It was a good vs. evil type movie. I am thinking the brother wanted to kill his sister. This is about all I can remember.

Choking on an Engagement Ring?

I’m at work and I’m trying to be a productive human, but I have this scene from a movie stuck in my head, and I can’t for the life of me remember what movie it’s from:

I very distinctly remember a proposal scene where a guy puts an engagement ring in some kind of dessert at a restaurant, perhaps a creme brûlée or a pudding, and his girlfriend accidentally eats it and almost chokes on it. I’m pretty sure she ends up spitting it out on the table afterward. Does anyone remember what this is from? Thanks!

Have tried to find the name of this movie for 15 years!! Please help

Hi,  I first watched this movie 15 years ago, I don’t remember any of the cast or directors etc so all I have to go on is the plot. I have many friends who say they are film buffs but no one can recall it. I would class it as an arthouse movie and a bit dark.  I am sure it is set around the 1920/30  or 40’s I say this as I remember that her long hair holds a certain status with wealth/class and it is an American movie. At the start it shows the couple on a boat and you can see that she is very bored of her well to do husband and his ideals so much so that she is willing to take her life. You don’t actually see if she does do it but next you see her being rescued by a man who turns out to be a gangster nightclub owner. I think he had a wife who may have died so he cuts this lady’s hair off to a bob to mirror what his wife use to look like and then makes her dance with strangers but he becomes obsessed with her. She does try to escape but you can see that a part of her actually enjoys this life. She does escape at one point and finds her husband to is embarrassed of her as her hair is short and forces her to wear a wig, the gangster has a brother who is gay but cannot come to terms with his sexuality. The majority of the movie is based in the nightclub and is dimly lit. There is a rape scene as I remember with the brother and the end of the movie is a shootout between the husband and the gangster on the stage in his nightclub.

Hope that my explanation of this movie rings a bell for someone, I would love to watch the movie again. Many thanks, Lisa.

80s movie

I remember a giant and a midget were friends. The midget was the brains of the operation. The giant got a job hammering tent stakes for a show or circus but wouldnt take the job unless they hired the little person too. Somehow the little person gets murdered but they make it look like an accident. He has a deathbed scene with the giant. I saw this as a little kid and it traumatized me. Cant find it! Don’t know what it is called!


Teen Girl Finds Injured Man in Her Secret Room

Teen girl has a secret empty house/apartment/room she goes to adjacent? to where she is living to hang out. She has hung white fairy lights around the room. One time when she sneeks into the room, she finds an injured man who has snuck in a window.  I don’t know whether he is a bad guy or a good guy but he has been shot. She helps him recover. I want to think Pierce Brosnan is the injured man?  I believe I saw the movie in the 90s.