Dystopian World, Captive Woman Held by Gold hands/claws?

As I remember this was an action/adventure movie from the 80’s with a dystopian world and everyone looks a little rough and wears a bit of leather. There was a scene in some villain’s lair where a barely clad woman was held captive and held down by some sort of shackles that I think were gold claws or hands. I remember my parents turning it off or having me leave the room as it seemed semi sexual and  wasn’t age appropriate.


What the heck was this movie?

2 thoughts on “Dystopian World, Captive Woman Held by Gold hands/claws?

  1. Sounds like quite a few 80’s movies (particularly some very bad Italian Road Warrior ripoffs), but I think it may be Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone with Molly Ringwald.

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