Chlorophyll Movie

I was a child but have no idea around what time the movie came out, i was born in 1987 so probably before or after that.. There was a farm with freaks that used to be kidnapped people and there’s this young couple i think or brother and sister, they are trying to perform experiments on them with chlorophyll and they just keep running around the farm and on the fields trying to escape, i got all sorts of nightmares from this movie dunno why my parents let me watch this as a kid.. Probably English Audio of not then Spanish, definitely a movie, it had color, Always keep coming back to the Internet trying to find this movie title i grew up watching this, Mac and Me, Enemy Mine, Little Mermaid and Mrs. Doubtfire, ( weird i know) so it was probably made within thise years.. Thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “Chlorophyll Movie

  1. Troll 2 possibly? Plot is a little different but some basic things sound like it. Green oozy crap in the food and in the people from plants

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