Charmed 1998 or 2018 episode(s) name(s)

I will make this as clear as I can.

According to IMDb trivia, the DuckTales 2017 episode, “GlomTales”, the scene where Magica De Spell uses a ghost banishing amulet against Duckworth when infiltrating McDuck Manor spoofs/parodies an episode of Charmed, either 1998 or 2018.

The problem is that IMDb has failed to provide the name of that episode(s). I simply ask the name of that episode(s) where one of (or all) the 3 witches uses an amulet to banish a ghost, the number of the episode(s), and the season from either 1998 or 2018 as soon as possible, nothing less, nothing more.

Note: It’s NOT the episode, “The Power of Two”.

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