Trippy Scary Movie Where Guys Loses His Mind

PLEASE someone help me with this it’s driving me nuts…. feel like I just made the movie up in my head which is all the more trippy because the guy loses touch with reality!!


I think I saw it on Netflix a few years back. Scary/Trippy movie where guy finds this notebook/diary/journal and try’s to read it, but it keeps making him lose track of time and forget what’s he’s been doing… he try’s to film himself and sees that he keeps getting sidetracked at page 15 or something and becomes obsessed with finishing reading it… I think like we find out it’s releasing monster/demons and shit too… but yeah dude just completely breaks down.. I think I’m the end he shoots himself before a demon can get him or something


Was really an amazing little trippy gem of a movie. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


thank you!

3 thoughts on “Trippy Scary Movie Where Guys Loses His Mind

  1. You son of a bitch! I’m in!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Human network machine does it again!

    Really tho, thank you!!!

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