Cartoon from the bend of late 80’s to early 90’s maybe

Sooo… i have this cartoon i remember only parts of, Main thing it in was that there was this guy with a junk yard, his red truck and mostly white dog with black portions, there wars this white bad ass big cat (cougar?) who had about zero F**Ks to give about things, one scene i remember with the cat that it was doing some rafting down some wild water river with the dog who was more or less scared sh**less. A total bad-ass of a feline there…… Another completely different scene was with the junk yard guy going to a date with this bombshell of a woman, pick-nick style, some canned beans went flying, straight to the girls cleavage and spoon to the rescue… Nuff said the dame was not impressed… I also remember a guy maybe after the junkyard holding deeds or something, black limo and probably some shenanigans… This all was in English if i recall right… it was a looong time ago, i had it on VHS from TV so yeah….  not sure what happened to the said VHS either… I know this is not much to go with, but i haven’t found anything of VHS anywhere else… Hope some one there gets what i’m talking about…  Thank you for advance…

4 thoughts on “Cartoon from the bend of late 80’s to early 90’s maybe

    1. Well now, that is right on the money! thank you kindly, i know what im going to watch soon!

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