Cannot Remember Movie Name!


Me and my sister saw a movie a long time ago around 2011. We used to watch Christian films and TV shows on a TV Service called Sky Angel. We saw the movie twice on there. I remember it having a peculiar name that I could never remember.

The movie was centred around a claylike character. I believe his name was Blockhead? When he spoke his head would open sideways, (His mouth was on the side of his head.) He and his friend, who is really tall and appears to have a head made out of a mug and has steel wool on the top of his head. The third friend is a girl who has a green face. She came from an orphanage at the beginning of the movie. I believe she may have been the first one to speak in the movie, saying ‘I hate it here.’ or something along those lines while looking out the window of the orphanage.

The trio decide to escape the city and have to get past the lamplighter. They find/have a metal disk that I think is red. The metal disk speaks to them and guides them and gives them clues. The disk’s name is Ariel, or Arael. They have several different areas to go through, including one place called the forest of confusion. I think there is a bird that is the gatekeeper to this maze like structure. They are able to get through with these special shoes that guide them through it. They end up making friends with monkeys in the jungle. And the steel wool guy gets taken by crocodiles. He ends up escaping and the trio continues. At the end they fight this spider like thing that tries to destroy them. They spider has scissors and other household objects making him up, just like the rest of the film. Ex. The bird’s beak were shears.

They end up defeating the spider by saying araels name. The spider keeps shrinking and runs away. They board the spaceship and the movie ends.

Me and my sister cannot remember the name of this movie! I believe it is a parody of pilgrim’s progress. Only the environment is made up of household objects. This is all I can remember.

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