B&W movie I saw years ago on TCM

Black and white film that starts out in a small town, possibly a farming community. Girl hates the town and wants to leave but her father won’t let her. One day a guy comes rolling into town, think he’s on the run or something, and meets the girl. They fall in love quickly and plan to meet up to get married at the county courthouse within a few days. Girl runs away from her home despite her father’s wishes and they get married. After that they head to a bigger city… wanna say New York or Chicago. They get a really crappy apartment and he goes back to his criminal ways since he can’t find an honest job. I think she winds up pregnant too. Guy also gets in trouble because he owes people money or is involved in some kind of gang. I vividly remember a scene in the apartment where he comes home with a gun one night and it frightens her. They seem to love each other a lot but they’re both pretty miserable because of their situation. Don’t remember how it ends at all.

Saw the movie about 12 or 13 years ago on TCM… think it was during their summer of stars which takes place in August. Thought the movie might have been They Live By Night (1948), but the couple in this one definitely settle in a city and are not on the run… I’ve seen TLBN many times and it’s definitely not the movie I’m looking for. I also think the lead actress may have been a brunette.

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