Terminally Ill Girl’s Donation Fund Gambled Away

I saw a film on TV a handful of years ago. I believe it was European. I don’t remember any dialogue, but I believe it was not in English.

It was about a young woman who formed a musical/dance group with two or three guys. They performed at a competition where the prize was money. They whole group wore tuxedos in their number. I believe the woman had dark hair.

They were supposed to donate the money they won to a little girl with a severe illness. Instead they decided to gamble with a part of the money. (I don’t remember what they were betting on. It was something other people were competing in.) Then temptation lead them to gamble more and they lost all of the money.

Later in the film, the young woman went to the ill girl’s house. The home was in the countryside I believe. The woman stood on top of a van and sang very beautifully. This song was obviously meant as an apology. The girl sat at her bedroom window, not looking at the woman, with a very grim expression on her face.

That’s all I remember. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Terminally Ill Girl’s Donation Fund Gambled Away

    1. That is amazing!
      Turns out that my memory was not totally accurate, but that’s okay.

      Thank you so much!

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