Black & White Arthouse Film with Selective Color


I am trying to locate the name of a film (possibly a foreign film) that was black and white with selective usage of color.

I cannot remember much else about it except that it was mostly a black/white film that seemed to end in full color.

Please NOTE: This film was not “Pleasantville” or the That is a common response when describing the film’s motif, but this film was more arthouse/independent.  Possibly French.

Thank you!

– J.


3 thoughts on “Black & White Arthouse Film with Selective Color

    1. Nope. Thank you for trying though. I remember very little about it except that it seemed surrealistic. And more modern.

      I’d definitely say it had to have been made post 1990’s.

  1. There are lots of arty films that mess with colour! Any memories of plot?

    Wings of Desire and stalker ( another tarkovsky more of his have colour shifts throughout the film) both had b&w,sepia and colour in but they are older than 1990s so prob not what you are after.

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