Late night horror movie/show from early 90s/late 80s.


When I was in first grade in 1992, I remember staying up late after my parents told me to go to bed and snuck into the living room to watch the TV silently from behind the couch. In my head I place this scene I saw as the opening of the film, but it could’ve been somewhere else in the timeline.

It starts in a high rise metropolitan office. I want to say New York, but it was some large city with skyscrapers.  It’s a very large office. The entire wall behind the massive desk is glass, with an expansive view overlooking the city. Natural light illuminates about half the room, leaving the other half shrouded in darkness.  On the opposite wall from the windows, next to the door, is a minibar type thing.


All the lights are off, as a businessman unlocks and enters the door. He leaves the lights off as he walks over to the desk and places his briefcase upon it. I assume he’s president or ceo or something, from the extravagant office.  He might have heard a noise, but he looks toward the dark side of the room near the minibar and sees a pair of glowing red eyes.

A man in a suit walks toward the businessman, emerging from the shadows and revealing his grotesque features. His skin is a pale tan, creamish color, and had a texture I always colloquially described as “sinewy papier-mache”.  I think his mouth and eyes were relatively normal, except for glowing menacingly red.

I think there was some sort of argument or volatile dialog between the two, but the details elude me.  The next thing I know, the businessman has fallen out the window.

I remember it as Papier-Mache man pushed B-man out the window, but maybe he fell from fright trying to escape. Either way, he is able to grab and hold onto PM man’s gross hand, dangling many stories above concrete. He screams up to the grisly character, pleading for him to pull him to safety. I don’t think he says anything, but PM man’s arm – just above the wrist – pulls apart and breaks away from his body.


This sends B-man plummeting to his demise, clutching PM man’s severed hand and screaming. It shows PM man standing in the window, and his hand grows back into its original, disgusting form.

That’s all I remember, as I had yelled out in horror and ran into my bedroom to go to sleep. I should’ve listened to my parents!


Sorry for the long read, but I wanted to try and be as descriptive for the little bit I remember. It was late night on TV in 1992 when I saw it, but I can’t name any actors, the channel, anything important or useful like that.

Thanks in advance for any help!



3 thoughts on “Late night horror movie/show from early 90s/late 80s.

    1. Thank you for replying!

      That scene is very similar, especially the way his arm crumbles and pulls apart. That might be the scene I’m thinking of. I was very young when I saw it, so I’m sure my 30-year-old memory is fuzzy!

      For some reason I really remember the red eyes, but honestly the rest of the scene is so similar that it’s very probable that this is the movie I was remembering.

  1. “it’s very probable that this is the movie I was remembering” is good enough for me to mark this “Solved.”

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