Bittersweet romantic comedy about remembering a school sweetheart

I used to watch this movie with my mom on VHS in the 90s, and I think it was a late 80s or early 90s movie. If I am remembering correctly, it’s about a guy who learns that a girl he was always fascinated with died recently and goes back home for her funeral. There’s lots of reminiscing and jumping back and forth in time about their days as children or high school kids, I think, and the girl was characterized as sweet, tomboyish, a little bit of a trouble maker and always seemed to know something more than our main character did. I think there were a lot of beach scenes and one scene I very clearly remember because it blew my mind as a kid was when she tries to have sex with him in the living room, but the parents are coming, so it gets interrupted and he has to get his clothes back on. I believe the two main leads has brownish blond hair and it may have taken place in a different time period, though the movie is in color. The girl may have had her name in the title and it was pretty “girl next door” name like Jenny or Megan. It had a simultaneously sad and humorous, naughty and innocent tone to it. I’ve searched everywhere (IMDb, various 80s and 90s lists) and can’t find it.

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