Before SciFi was Syfy

Hello! Okay this has been bothering me for years, I cannot for the life of me find this movie I saw as a kid. All I know is that it was on the SciFi channel, I’m assuming it was a movie by them, it was about a girl who died and was stuck in this house (I think it was the house she died in; I  think she was drugged at a party or something but my memory is foggy) and she meets this guy who basically says he was her guardian angel type thing who has watched over her her whole life and that she can’t leave the house until she does.. Something. I don’t really remember, anyway it turns out that the guy was tricking her and wanted her to stay so that he can devour her soul or something.. But she gets free and escapes the house, I think she sees her grandfather and and there’s lots of pretty nature at the end and I’m assuming they go to heaven. I was this movie anywhere between 2006-2008 and I thought the name was something like Safe Haven or Sanctuary or Serenity, because that’s what the demon guy called the house that she had to stay in, however I’m pretty sure that those aren’t the name, as I’ve searched google countless times to find this movie. It also might be important to note that the entirety of the movie up until the end was very dark and grungy inside the house until she escapes at the end words bright and very naturey. Anywho if anyone knows this movie I would be so appreciative because I have been searching so long to find out what it is.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Before SciFi was Syfy

  1. It sorts of remind me of some movie but, since those are pretty common topics in horror movies, I couldn’t be sure…

    Does the evil guy turns out to be a kind of beast with abnormal resistance to pain when he receives slivers of wood in the back inside an upstairs room of the house but finally gets killed in the staircase (by either a gunshot or a stake)?

    I hope I’m not confusing you even more with my dubious memories… ^^

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