barcoded people at the back of their heads

i remember seeing it as a child so i can’t remember much. it was a tv series late 70’s early 80’s. people where slaved and marked with a barcode at back of their heads. slavers were aliens or there may be a hard kast system. i remember a scene which a barcoded family trying to escape through the woods maybe a lake. and thats almost all.

4 thoughts on “barcoded people at the back of their heads

  1. wasn’t natalie portman or someone looking like her in it? I remember seeing a trailer of some movie with bald people with barcodes on their necks, they were trying to escape something like a concentration camp, there was barbed wire etc… I saw it in my childhood and I can’t remember what it was 🙁

    1. i saw it around 82 on tv and can’t recall a concentration camp it was more a world wide situation.

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