The Same Thing Happened Every Day

I watched this movie about 6 months ago, it was in English 🙂 This girl had realised she was experiencing the same thing every single day at the exact same time. Her brother was asked to take out the garbage and he had the exact same response. Then the scene switched to a house back in the day where there was a girl in the family who was experiencing the same thing, and the girl was there to join them (all of a sudden). Then she decided things got too weird for her, so she ran outside, away from the house. Someone was telling her that “there is nothing out there!”. The girl ran through extremely dense fog and saw lights in front of her, thinking it was some sort of help out of the world she was trapped in, only to find it was the exact same house she left from.

4 thoughts on “The Same Thing Happened Every Day

  1. OHMYGOD I totally have seen this movie as well but alas I can’t remember the title either! This is gonna drive me nuts, so I’m going to try and do some digging to find out what it is!!

  2. Did one of the girls have very dark hair and was wearing red or something? And she shows up to the house suddenly and doesn’t say much or talk much to the other girl… or am I thinking of something different….

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