Scifi Type Movie, with tyraniccal president/dictator.

I once saw a movie long ago, it had what I believe were dune buggies in it, if I recall it has a girl and her brother who are on the run or something and they meet up with another guy and he helps take out some guards at an outpost of sorts.


I honestly don’t remember much, but I think I remember the ending, I believe it was them running through a concrete tunnel that had booby traps among other things like flame throwers, well anyways a giant of a man helps the 3 get through there but has to stay back and make sure that the evil dictator president guy doesn’t make it, so they both burn up.


Anyways that’s about all I remember, heck it could have been a dream for all I know, I have some crazy dreams sometimes. If anyone knows that it is an actual movie and knows what one it please reply I’ve been thinking about this movie for years, if it is one.

4 thoughts on “Scifi Type Movie, with tyraniccal president/dictator.

    1. That actually look’s like the movie I saw long ago, I didn’t realize it was that old, but it seems to be the one I was looking for. Thank you.

      1. You’re welcome! I saw it as a kid and have loved it ever since. It holds up surprisingly well.

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