Underground/Cave-dwelling army of white haired baddies with spoon-weapons?!

Color movie, I’m thinking mid-70s but maybe 80s.

Most distinctive thing is that there was a population of evil underground dwellers or cave dwellers–not normal human beings; looked like Oompa-Loompas but with opposite colors (blues and whites, white hair), and they weren’t little people, they regular-sized adults.  They were like a mindless army; I think they were commanded by a main bad guy who was a regular human being, but evil.  The anti-Oompa-Loompas all carried a ridiculous weapon:  looked like a big wooden cooking spoon, and it must have carried some very potent poison.  They’d flick the spoon at their target (using two hands–one on the shaft of the spoon, and the other holding back the top of the spoon to offer resistance, to give the shot some “pop”), and I guess that caused poison pellets or something to fly at the victim, because any normal human who got hit by one of these shots died in seconds.  The victims were a group of men an women, I think a mix of scientists and civilians or something.  Anyone?  Anyone?!

7 thoughts on “Underground/Cave-dwelling army of white haired baddies with spoon-weapons?!

  1. Thought it might be the 1978 made for t.v. version of “The Time Machine”, but the morlocks in that one carried glowing sticks, but were bald.

  2. Yes Jmv, that’s it! Thank you! Found it online now thanks to you–and guess what: it’s even worse than I remember! Ha ha thank you.

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