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70’s movies where in opening credits a guard knocks a hobo off and under the train

I remember my dad taking us to a drive in movie back in the 1970’s, maybe early 1970’s, where in the opening of the film a guard (?) on an old steam locomotive knocks a hobo hitching a ride down off the train and under it in between 2 cars. It was probably a famous film, but I don’t remember any of the actors, or really anything else about the film, only that as a child the whole opening scene was really disturbing to me.

post-1976 King Kong TV commercial of girl in his hand eating candy

As a huge Kong-phile, I’ve been trying to find a TV commercial I remember seeing shortly after the release of the 1976 King Kong film. I don’t know exactly when it was released, but it seemed to air constantly for a good while, sometime in the mid to late 1970’s.
It simply featured a woman in a white dress simulating Fay Wray, sitting in what I believe was a mechanical hand from the 1976 Kong film. She’s eating some sort of national brand chocolate candy, Hershey kisses, M&M’s, or it could have even been Bon Bon ice cream chocolate balls, I can’t specifically remember. The entire commercial was her lying in the hand eating the candy while Kong grumbled, and I remember at the end she looks up and says something like “Calm down, big boy”.

1970’s Sci Fi film with scientist and children who get lost in space and return to earth through a black hole

In the mid 1970’s-early 1980’s, WAVE TV 3 NBC in Louisville, KY would air a made for TV movie around 3 or 4pm during the week. I remember seeing all the classics as a child right after school, “Where Have All the People Gone?”, “The Stranger Within”, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” etc. many, many times as they aired some of the better films multiple times a year. One time during “science fiction week”, I remember seeing a film in which a man who appeared to be a scientist (I seem to remember him wearing a white labcoat or something similar), and at least 2 children (possibly an entire ship full of people but I only remember those people in particular) went out in a spaceship to explore or something, and wound up lost in space. At the end of the film they enter a black hole (which at the time was the first I’d ever heard mention of one before), and after passing through they discover they’re close to earth. I’m guessing it was either a pilot film or a made for tv movie as that’s generally what they would show on the daily movie. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about horror and sci-fi shows and films (my wife and friends would say it borders on obsession), especially the older ones, but this is one I’ve never been able to hunt down.

1950’s ? Post-apocalyptic film w/Killer “android” Stephen King claims made him want to write

My dad (he’s 79) has been asking me to find a movie he saw in the theater back in the 1950’s, but I’ve never heard of it and have had no luck in finding it. He believes the name of the film was “No Man” or something to that affect. He said it was a low budget sci fi film about an android hunting down the last half dozen or so humans left alive on earth. He couldn’t remember any of the actors, only that the android just looked like a regular man, no makeup or special effects that he could remember. He also said he read somewhere that Stephen King claims the film scared him so much that he wanted to write his own horror stories.

70’s TV Movie ? Alien man tries to convince girl to help him come through the television to earth

I remember watching an old sci fi movie of the week back in believe the late 1960’s or early 1970’s where a young woman who lived with her parents would go down into the basement and turn on the TV to talk to a man (who was actually an alien from another world)  trying to convince her through romantic means to help him come through the television into her world. I remember the main actress becoming famous on the level of Cybil Shepherd or Candace Bergen, but I can’t remember her or any of  the other actor’s names.